James Harris, 48

That’s just one of the useful bits of information you’ll find in this interview I did about Humans of Middlesbrough with Scarlet McBride at the Gazette…

The Teesside mockumentary which is celebrating ‘Humans of Middlesbrough’


You may have heard of popular photoblog Humans of New York .

Well it has inspired a hilarious mockumentary set in Middlesbrough .

Teesside writer and director James Harris, 48, from Linthorpe , was intrigued by the personal stories of triumph and tragedy captured on the streets of New York and thought it would make a good format for some Boro-based comedy.

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The First UK Moon Landing

As it’s moon week (apparently), we should all remember the first UK moon mission, via the medium of this short film I made earlier (feels like yesterday. Wasn’t.). It’s a dramatisation of real events, like First Man or Hidden Figures, only shorter and with less historical liberties.





Nah, a ridiculous short film I wrote, is shooting in Saltburn this weekend. It’s got a talking deer in it, and these shoes. Aren’t these shoes great? The film is directed by Laura Degnan. It should be finished by Christmas (talking deer take time) and I’m really looking forward to seeing it.

Distraction Jackson

Here’s the film we made for the National Film Challenge 2011. It was written and made in 48 hours. It’s quite funny. We got in the top 11 out of, ooh, millions of entries probably. Maybe hundreds. Anyway, we did quite well. See what you think.

We won best use of genre – mockumentary. Not even best use of bubbles, or most realistic weeing on the floor scene. Travesty? You decide.

The Unwanted Heart

At the beginning of February we travelled down to London to take part in the Shine Shorts 48 Hour Film Challenge. The theme we got given was “love”, and we had a monkey costume lying around, so we made this.

The music is by Fyfe Dangerfield off of Guillemots. Swoon! The tune he came up with, “Monkey Love”, was a perfect fit for the dreamy, fairy tale vibe we were going for.

Rare Exports Inc.

Well this is nice. Despite the script sometimes sounding like it was translated from Finnish to English by somebody from the moon, the narration works well and I proper lol’d from around the 5 minute mark.

This short was made in 2003, and the director has since expanded the premise into a feature – Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale

The trailer has a great last line…

The Woman Who Loved A Tree

“Fucking amazing” – Marc Price, director of fucking amazing zombie film Colin.

Made in 48 Hours, from script to screen. I think it’s the best-looking film I’ve been involved in – it was great fun playing with the Sony EX3 camera we borrowed (even though it took us a little while to remember to focus the thing). The script’s ok – can see lots of little bits we could have improved, but it really was written on the fly so it is what it is, man. The performances – can’t fault ’em. Just brilliant all down the line. Anyway, hope you like it. CAUTION – it’s a bit rude…

Arc Shorts – The Films

I curated a short film night at the ARC in Stockton on Thursday. It went quite well, and lots of lovely people turned up. I just thought I’d put together links to all the films I screened because… well, mostly because why not?

But also because if you liked any of the films, I’d really love it if you got in touch with the filmmakers via these links and let them know. Once or twice a year I get an email from somebody just saying they’ve seen one of my films and enjoyed it, and it makes my bloody day. It’s a grand feeling, so why not make a filmmaker happy today?

The films were:

Gash by Rong

Le Cheval 2.0 by Stephen Scott-Heyward and Alex Kirkland

The Tales of Donkey the Whale 1 by Chris Corner

Monday Morning by John AC Allen

Head Shot by Dennis Heaton

Cold Calling by Nick Mackie

BigBoy 74 by Tom Marshall

Please Do Not Put Any Ducks Into This Chute by Big Red Button

Six Shooter by Martin McDonagh (clip)

Plus! The three that got away (wanted to show them but couldn’t for various reasons)

Astronauts by Matthew Walker

Sunday by Nacho Vigalondo

How To Tell When A Relationship Is Over by Tony Roche