Babies of the Future

Um… what?

Looking at lots of cartoons lately, ‘cos I seem to be writing for animation more and more. This week I’m pitching for two projects, one ten minute animated short I’m doing with Mr Ben Klimmek called Long Shot (which will definitely win a BAFTA when it’s made) and a feature-length stop-frame animation called Clowntown which I’m writing with Mr Mole Hill. It’s a town full of clowns! This shit writes itself!

I’m also working on a short animation called Light Music, again with Mr Ben Klimmek, which should, fingers crossed, be featured on the BBC Comedy website when it’s done.

And then I shall sleep.

Sword & Sorcery EP

Isn’t this trailer gorgeous and intriguing? I’m not 100% sure what it’s selling, but if it’s a game I’ll play it, and if it’s biscuits I’ll eat ’em.

The trailer, by Superbrothers, features the music of Jim Guthrie, music created using MTV Music Generator on the PlayStation. Here’s a previous collaboration between Guthrie and Superbrothers, The Children of the Clone. I LIKE it. There’s a nice interview about the collaboration here:

The External World

Wrongness on a scale usually used to measure earthquakes. Not work safe. Or home safe. Just generally unsafe. If you have 20 spare minutes I can recommend watching this for 17 of them and spending the other three giving your brain a shower.

It’s the new film by David O’Reilly, the Irish artist and animator, co-written by Vernon Chatman of Wonder Showzen glory, and featuring cameos by Adam Buxton and Julian Barrett. It’s a nightmarish thing, occasionally dipping into darkness-by-numbers, but mostly funny and unsettling in equal measure. And it’s visually stunning; all Atari-hued and glitchy, with an attention to detail that rewards repeat viewings – “Scalpel shop – free puppy with every purchase”. What?

It’s also, as I mentioned, ever so wrong.

Look at his website. David O’Reilly is 25. I hate him.

“Hhh. Typical”.

Long Shot

Long Shot is the name of a short animated film I’m working on with the supremely talented artist and animator Ben Klimmek. He can cook too. I think that this animation will probably win a BAFTA when it’s finished. This is a picture of the hero. He has a gun but he will learn a Valuable Lesson. He will shoot some stuff and then he will find love. Actually, we’ll probably get an Oscar too. How exciting!

Here is an animation test Mr Klimmek done. Sweet!

Hooray For The Internet!

This 10 second animation of mine has quietly racked up almost 17,000 hits on YouTube. How did THAT happen? Couldn’t tell you. But the great thing about the internet is that people can give you instant feedback on your work. And out of nearly 17,000 hits how many bits of feedback have I got? Like, 10 or something. Still, it’s not the quantity, it’s the quality…

i dont get it, oooooooo lol

lol good one

thats so wrong, but so right at the same time, on many levels! nicely played.

didn’t make any sense at all

what. the. fuck.

wtf what was that?²

that was pretty funny, I’d say.

wtf what was that?

that was so dumb

Thank you, The Internet! Lol.

Panic Au Village

I am totally loving A Town Called Panic today. I love the crudity of the modelmaking, the simplicity of the animation, and the childlike spontaneity of the storytelling. And I like the postman’s scarf. What a scarf! I just bought a scarf from Primark which I thought looked swish but now I think I need one made out of plasticine. And I want a pony.

I have very bad toothache today. I prescribed myself cocodamol and Campo Viejo Rioja and lots of it, so although my tooth still feels like Satan himself is plucking at the nerves in the hopes of turning it into some kind of despicable enamel-and-meat harp, my brain is taking a lovely fluffy holiday and I want a pony and I want to play ping pong with an Indian.

There’s a nice little interview with the creators of Panic Au Village here.