Arc Shorts – The Films

I curated a short film night at the ARC in Stockton on Thursday. It went quite well, and lots of lovely people turned up. I just thought I’d put together links to all the films I screened because… well, mostly because why not?

But also because if you liked any of the films, I’d really love it if you got in touch with the filmmakers via these links and let them know. Once or twice a year I get an email from somebody just saying they’ve seen one of my films and enjoyed it, and it makes my bloody day. It’s a grand feeling, so why not make a filmmaker happy today?

The films were:

Gash by Rong

Le Cheval 2.0 by Stephen Scott-Heyward and Alex Kirkland

The Tales of Donkey the Whale 1 by Chris Corner

Monday Morning by John AC Allen

Head Shot by Dennis Heaton

Cold Calling by Nick Mackie

BigBoy 74 by Tom Marshall

Please Do Not Put Any Ducks Into This Chute by Big Red Button

Six Shooter by Martin McDonagh (clip)

Plus! The three that got away (wanted to show them but couldn’t for various reasons)

Astronauts by Matthew Walker

Sunday by Nacho Vigalondo

How To Tell When A Relationship Is Over by Tony Roche

Friday’s Short Story

To cut a long story short, I travelled back in time and killed Marcel Proust.

Yeah. 15 word sci-fi! And highbrow, too.

(Apologies for the lack of updating this week. I have been busy – it looks like a friend and I may have got ourselves a fun filmmaking job with our own office and pay and everything so I’m strutting round feeling all grown up and buying new trousers. Next week I will have got used to it all and will be writing facts about squirrels and drawing ducks again, I promise. Quack. Hoorah!)


A quietly amazing video for a dreamy-sweet song. A fine way to end a fine week.

And we all had a lovely time.

(Tunng’s new album, …And Then We Saw Land, is the shiznit – that and Gorillaz Plastic Beach is all I’ve been listening to this week – but their latest video isn’t as good as this one. Too many beards, man.)