Who Am I? With Videos!

A Brief History of Harris.

Aloha! I’m James Harris. I’m a comedy writer, performer, animator and film maker based in the North East of England.

I’ve written/made stuff for the BBC (Shooting Stars, Comedy Shuffle, Scallywagga, Fresh Animation On 3, Spacehopper, Teethgrinder, Parsons and Naylor’s Pull Out Sections), Channel 4 (4mations), Dave (Totally Viral) and ITV (Cobravision).

I’ve written sketches for Susan Calman, Daniel Sloss, Dan Skinner (Angelos Epithemiou) and Dave Armand.

Here is some of my stuff:

In 2004 my DIY comedy short The Curse of Jeff was short listed for the BBC Talent new filmmakers award and was selected to tour as part of the Independent Cinema Office’s Best of British programme 2005.

This led to a commission in 2005 to write and direct a further short film for BBC3, The Space Time Envelope, starring Colin Hoult and Fergus Craig. We tried to get Andy “The Viking” Fordham but he was busy not eating at the time.

In 2006 I won BBC3 and Comedy Soup’s “Funny Hunt” with the animation The Prophecies of Nostradamus, subsequently broadcast on BBC3’s Comedy Shuffle in January 2007.

My 2007 film, Moon Shot UK, was short listed and winner of a “special mention” at DepicT! It has since been screened at film festivals world wide, plus Reading & Leeds and Glastonbury, and was included as part of the BBC and onedotzero’s New British Talent touring short film programme.

My animated webseries The Answer Yam was picked up for distribution by HypTV and apparently did quite well on mobile phones in China. I’m still waiting to hear from HypTV about exactly how well it did.

This is a film I made for the 2010 48 Hour Film Competition in Newcastle. It won best film, best director, best writing, best actress and the audience award. We got a perspex trophy.

This is Chad Banger, co-created with artist Gus Hughes. He was commissioned in 2008 to launch the now-defunct 4mations website. He has a sausage for a head. That’s Chad, not Gus. Gus has a head for a head, although it is admittedly stuffed with strange meat indeed.

Also in 2008 I was commissioned to create some animations for a BBC3 show called Fresh Animation on 3. This is one of them.

I have also written/made stuff for Shooting Stars (Pett), Spacehopper, Scallywagga (BBC 3), Parsons and Naylor’s Pull Out Sections (BBC Radio 2), Underbelly (in-development Hat Trick sketch show), The Works, The Comedy Unit’s Rough Cuts, Totally Viral (Dave), Teethgrinder (BBC2 NI) and Mustard magazine.

In 2007 I wrote and performed in a sketch show, Why I Hate Mechanics, at the Edinburgh Fringe. (“This random sketch show is performed by two very funny and quite charming men. Their sketches are quite unique; the pair perform well together, and they work hard to push the boundaries just beyond good taste. – Three Weeks Daily, Edinburgh.)

In 2008 our regional screen agency NFM gave me some money to make a film about a nude man and a sneezing pigeon.

I’ve started to do a bit of stand-up comedy, and made the Edinburgh semi-finals of So You Think You’re Funny in 2009. Here’s some footage of me at The Stand in Newcastle in 2012, pretending to be somebody else.

I also write and perform sketches with Heavy Petting. Here’s one we did at The Stand.

I also do acting, occasionally for theatre or telly, but mostly in short films. I have a Kevin Bacon number of three. Here’s a pic of me with Jessica Jane Clements off The Real Hustle. It’s for a film called Pleasure Droid 3000, which is less bawdy than it sounds, sadly.

I am the co-creator, with Gus Hughes, of The Story of Grass, an art/humour zine which Bob Mortimer likes and everybody else just sort of tolerates. You can buy it here.

I will sleep when I’m dead. On Thursday, most likely.

Basically, I am nearly successful, depending on your definitions of “nearly” and “successful”. And “am”.


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