The Story of Grass

‘I liked The Story of Grass. I laughed until I stopped then started up again more firmly.’ – Bob Mortimer

‘…frankly hilarious, new fanzine from James Harris and Gus Hughes. I say ‘hilarious’ and I stand by it. I genuinely guffawed my way through this and I usually never laugh at anything apart from toddlers hurting themselves. It owes something to the Vic Reeves school of comedy, and maybe a bit of early Viz, and I’m currently trying to work out if I can nick some of the jokes out of it to insert into other Crack articles without the authors finding out…’ – The Crack magazine, #263, July 2010.

‘The Story of Grass’ is an acclaimed new zine (DIY small press magazine), a collaboration between humorist James Harris and artist Gus Hughes featuring pages of bits, bobs, hippos, muppets, jokes, pictures, Abraham Lincoln, giant eyeballs, this and that. It’s a cult, maybe.

Yes! Issue 3 of “Britain’s Best Thing” is finally here!

32 photocopied pages, 8 of ’em in colour, this one is probably our second-best issue to date.

It’s got more giraffes and vikings than many other publications, and it has lots of brilliant jokes, comics strips, a short story, amazing artwork and hardly any filler (apart from the rope joke, for which we apologise).

Buy #3 here.

Issue 2* is 28 photocopied pages of words and pictures and the spaces in between, lovingly arranged by James Harris and Gus Hughes for your bemusement. Want a copy? 3 squids to you sir or madam. We think that converts to around a million dollars if you’re American.

Buy #2 here.

All internet orders will ship with a free hand-made lovely thing which will probably involve folded card and pen.

*we never made an issue 1, we couldn’t take the pressure.

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