To Binge

My favourite song off Plastic Beach, and hey, who couldn’t do with a bathful of beer right now?

I know, I know, that’s three music videos off youtube in a row. What the hell kind of blog is this? A videos off youtube blog? No, no, no. New stuff soon, I promise x.

Fool’s Day

Because I love the noise these people make together, because this song is ramshackle and tender, because I have always had a soft spot for songs that tell a little story about the bands that are singing them, and because lines like “and a love of all sweet music we just can’t let go” make the beleaguered romantic inside me smile all warmly like.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Well, that last post was possibly a little negative, so let’s feel the love.

Gus and I are thinking about making some actual greetings cards along the lines of this and the ones crudely rendered by me in this post. We think they’d be funny, but would anybody really buy them? To actually send to people? I suspect not, but at the very least they’ll look nice in a pile at Story of Grass HQ. Whaddaya reck?