We are good at sketches. Want us to prove it? Come and see us sketch at these times and places:

8th August
Red Raw, The Stand, Newcastle
Another ten minute spot at the North’s best new comedy night.

10th August
Blu Bar, Middlesbrough
7pm, £2
This is our first and only Edinburgh preview. We will make lots of textbook errors for your entertainment and our education. Come and watch this.

16th-26th Aug
Heavy Petting Live
Bar 50, 11pm, Edinburgh 11.05-12.05 FREE
Our Edinburgh show, part of the Free Festival. This will be the tits, I promise.
Details here

12th September
Red Raw
The Stand, Newcastle 8.30pm
Another nother ten minuter.

28th September
Casa Bellini
People’s Theatre, Newcastle
Burlesque and bawdy sketches. Always a treat!

Summer Loliday

I run a sketch group at our local arts centre, ARC in Stockton. I’ve done it for two years now, and we’ve staged 15 performances of 5 shows so far, and this one is definitely the sixth. The show is written and performed by whoever turns up on a Thursday night, and this show has a cast of 29. 29! That’s a huge cast for a sketch show, bigger than, like, Three of a Kind and Hale and Pace combined!

If you’re wondering how I contribute: I script edit, dump any sketch that mentions chavs or parmos, and make everyone say their lines louder. It’s fun.

Come along to the show. I guarantee it’s got a lot of bananas in it. Nice, if you like bananas. And if you fancy being in the show next time, come along on a Thursday night. We start again in September. Bring your own bananas.