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Danger 5

Danger 5 is like the Thunderbirds meets The Champions meets Garth Marenghi and it’s lovely. There’s an attention to detail here: the camerawork, lighting, model work and performances are all spot-on in a 60s adventure show style. As funny as Garth Marenghi was, it always felt like it was parodying something that never actually existed, whereas Danger 5 is more akin to Police Squad – an affectionate, accurate and brilliantly funny spoof of a recognisable TV genre.

Not surprising it’s so accurate given that its creators, Dario Russo and David Ashby, were responsible for the rather excellent “Italian Spiderman” movie parody.

Oh, and it has stop-motion nazi dinosaurs in it so, you know, I’m kind of programmed to like it on a genetic level.

The Curse of Jeff

This was my third film, but I tell everybody it was my first. It got shortlisted for the BBC New Talent Filmmakers Award in 2004. It was then selected to tour cinemas nationwide in 2005 as part of the Independent Cinema Office’s BEST OF BRITISH programme. Not bad for a first film!

Festival Screenings:

16/08/04 – Portobello Film Festival
18/11/04 – Brief Encounters
01/12/04 – Portobello Day of the Documentary
Spring 2005 – On tour as part of the ICO’s Best of British programme
27/04/05 – 09/05/05 – Short Circuits screenings.
19/05/05 – Corta! International Short Film Festival, Portugal.
25/08/05 – Troma Fling in Edinburgh.
25/08/05 – Final Cut, Brighton.

Moon Shot UK

The first English moon landing goes a bit skew whiff.  Written, directed and performed by some chancer with a space suit.

Winner of Special Mention award DepicT! 2007.

Official selection at:
Toronto International Comedy Short Film Festival 2007.
BBC Film Network’s New British Talent programme 2008.
Reading & Leeds Festival 2008.
onedotzero festival 2008.
London Short Film Festival 2008.
Sci-Fi-London Festival 2008.

Not braggin, just truthin.