Heavy Petting Did Burlesque

Heavy Petting are now the official sketch group of Casa Bellini Burlesque. Here we are shouting at the audience, while the audience sit back imagining that at some point we will be taking our clothes off. Which we don’t do. Thus: humour.

It was a top night, and we’ll be back with our nipples artfully covered at the Peoples’ Theatre in September. Saucy!

Distraction Jackson

Here’s the film we made for the National Film Challenge 2011. It was written and made in 48 hours. It’s quite funny. We got in the top 11 out of, ooh, millions of entries probably. Maybe hundreds. Anyway, we did quite well. See what you think.

We won best use of genre – mockumentary. Not even best use of bubbles, or most realistic weeing on the floor scene. Travesty? You decide.

Heavy Petting

It’s a new sketch group with me, Mark Lund, Tim Marshall and Danielle Boucher. We’ve had two rehearsals and one performance and so far it’s going rather well.

The plan is to do live stuff, then move on to filming sketches, then get on telly, then break America, and then go into space and have adventures. We’re on track!

Anyway, come and see us. We’re bang on trend.