The Harris + Hughes Exhibition Preview

Mr Hughes made this, as a teaser for June’s show at Peg Powler, and also for issue 3 of The Story of Grass. Just look at the art! That’s what the inside of Hughes’ head looks like.

The preview is running at Peg Powler all month, every Tuesday night. It opened tonight and it was weird and fun watching people look at our stuff.

We spent two days working on this pinboard. Yeah.

And people seemed to like it (especially after I had scribbled out the two c-bombs which had accidentally found their way under a picture of Jeremy Clarkson. Oops. It’s all PG13 now).

Art: pinboards and dogs playing poker up a tree are totally of the now, man. Go and take a look…

2 thoughts on “The Harris + Hughes Exhibition Preview

  1. Ok then, what’s the connection to ‘The Harris + Hughes Exhibition Preview’ and James Bond? Mr. Hughes and Mr. Harris need not answer…

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