A quietly amazing video for a dreamy-sweet song. A fine way to end a fine week.

And we all had a lovely time.

(Tunng’s new album, …And Then We Saw Land, is the shiznit – that and Gorillaz Plastic Beach is all I’ve been listening to this week – but their latest video isn’t as good as this one. Too many beards, man.)


Have I posted any Tunng before? I don’t know. I saw them live at the Green Man festival a couple of years ago and fell under their woozy summer afternoon spell. Is it folktronica? I hope not. It’s just music, innit. Anyway, they’ve got a new album, …And Then We Saw Land, coming out soon, so here’s a song from their last one, Good Arrows, that I like, and which has a great video that manages to complement the song while simultaneously having very little to do with it.