Babies of the Future

Um… what?

Looking at lots of cartoons lately, ‘cos I seem to be writing for animation more and more. This week I’m pitching for two projects, one ten minute animated short I’m doing with Mr Ben Klimmek called Long Shot (which will definitely win a BAFTA when it’s made) and a feature-length stop-frame animation called Clowntown which I’m writing with Mr Mole Hill. It’s a town full of clowns! This shit writes itself!

I’m also working on a short animation called Light Music, again with Mr Ben Klimmek, which should, fingers crossed, be featured on the BBC Comedy website when it’s done.

And then I shall sleep.

Long Shot

Long Shot is the name of a short animated film I’m working on with the supremely talented artist and animator Ben Klimmek. He can cook too. I think that this animation will probably win a BAFTA when it’s finished. This is a picture of the hero. He has a gun but he will learn a Valuable Lesson. He will shoot some stuff and then he will find love. Actually, we’ll probably get an Oscar too. How exciting!

Here is an animation test Mr Klimmek done. Sweet!