James Harris, 48

That’s just one of the useful bits of information you’ll find in this interview I did about Humans of Middlesbrough with Scarlet McBride at the Gazette…

The Teesside mockumentary which is celebrating ‘Humans of Middlesbrough’


You may have heard of popular photoblog Humans of New York .

Well it has inspired a hilarious mockumentary set in Middlesbrough .

Teesside writer and director James Harris, 48, from Linthorpe , was intrigued by the personal stories of triumph and tragedy captured on the streets of New York and thought it would make a good format for some Boro-based comedy.

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Mele Kalikimaka

This very short film I made a very long time ago is showing on BBC Big Screens in town centres up and down the country this December. It is Christmassy and sweet and I still have the ukulele.

The animated bit was by the immensely talented Chris Corner. Check out his Donkey the Whale for some delightful oddness.