Inktober Monster 22

ink 22

Dark Lord Statin
A denizen of one of the outer regions of Hell (near Redcar), the Dark Lord Statin lowers cholesterol levels by hacking off your arms, legs, buttocks etc with his rusty sword. The weight literally drops off you. Although the side effects include asymmetry and death, he’s still quite a popular alternative to diet and exercise.

Inktober Monster 21

ink 21

Bellends. Total bloody bellends. Imps are wild and uncontrollable, seemingly existing only to follow their whims, no matter who they may annoy or irritate or accidentally decapitate or push out of a window for chuckles. Imps are full of boundless energy and a limitless capacity for malevolent fun. Not to be confused with children, which are worse.

Inktober Monster 19

ink 19

Bobby Mahogany
A suave little sprite, Bobby Mahogany lives in furniture stores and whispers suggestively into ladies’ ears: “oh… that chest of drawers would look adorable in your bedroom” or “come on my sweet, you’ve only been here an hour, why not look at all the chests of drawers again?” or “of course a lady can never have too many chests of drawers”.

But a lady can have too many chests of drawers. He’s evil. Pure evil.

Inktober Monster 18

ink 18

The Very Slender Man
The myth of The Slender Man is quite well known by now. He is a long man with the power to appear unrealistic in old photographs. And now sightings are trickling in of this, the Very Slender Man, who is, apparently, a bit slenderer and even less realistic.

I am unconvinced as to the veracity of these sightings. I think he’s on stilts, and I’m pretty sure those are just long, empty sleeves with gloves stitched to the end of them. Fair enough, his face does appear to be entirely made of mouth, but he could have carved that hole into his head using a spoon or something. Yeah, I’m not buying it.

Inktober Monster 15

ink 15

The Hash Brownie
“Riddle me these questions three,
Woah, I am fucking toasted, me
What was I..? Did I say the bit
about the questions? Lemme take a hit
While I think…
…I think
…OK, all right
Did I ask you the questions? And did you get them right?
Well shit! Nice work! Be on your journey
Riddle. Riddle. Riddle. Does that word sound funny?”