FIASCO comedy night returns.

fiasco 5 poster

FIASCO is back! Boro’s best alternative comedy happening is happening again. Every couple of months we find the best mad-headed comedians and bring them to the Westgarth Social Club and unleash them on you. BOOM! Comedy! Then we re-leash them, so they will not be a danger to themselves or others, and we send them home.

With your hosts: Heavy Petting
“Absurd” ★★★★ – Three Weeks.
“Hilarious” ★★★★ – Broadway Baby
“Stop phoning us. Even we don’t know the words to Rain or Shine any more and we’re not singing it to you anyway” – Five Star

“LOADS of fun” – Gigglebeats

Who’ve we got this time?

Only bloody SEYMOUR MACE!
A finalist for this year’s Fosters Comedy Award, Seymour is quite simply one of the best acts on the circuit right now. I don’t know why he’s on the circuit, but every time you flick a switch his head lights up. Not as tall as he looks.

“Always fun to watch, wilfully odd, yet compelling” – Scotsman
“A stand-up with a decidedly idiosyncratic edge” – List
“More variety than a whole week of CBBC.” – Chortle
“I certainly didn’t expect what I got.” – One4review
Only bloody JOBY MAGEEAN!
Comedian, Bookseller, Inventor of the word mononom. Quite hard to spell. Really really funny. Not tall as such, but you wouldn’t want to have to climb him.
“hilarious gags and brilliantly written songs ★★★★” – Three Weeks
Stand up and storytelling, and possibly a bit of parachuting. Looks taller the further away you are from him.
‘Witty, quick and natural’ – Broadway Baby’
An impressive performance…delivering self-deprecating routines with a captivating, Kitson-esque lilt’ – Gigglebeats
“Callaghan does an excellent job… undeniably charismatic and witty” – Chortle
Only bloody JOE McLACHLAN!
One man with a head full of jokes. He pulls the jokes out of his head. Literally. I’ve seen him do it, man. He may actually be one and a half men. He’s as tall as you want him to be. And hilarious. Joe will be doing something odd.
Look, it’s our night so we’ll have to do something.
With sketches, songs, lollipops and [amazing thing TBC], Heavy Petting’s FIASCO is sure to be a thing which happens! Will it happen to/near you? Let’s hope so!


WHERE? The Westgarth Social Club
WHEN? Saturday 5th December
WHERE? We already told you.
HOW MUCH? 5 quids
WHY? What, why5 quids?
NO, WHY THE WHOLE THING? Wow… well, because… look, can I get back to you on that?
SURE. Thanks.

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