Bewick’s Mambo

old lady harrisBewick’s Mambo, the short musical film by Peter Snowdon, has won a prize at the Malescorto Festival in Italy, which it turns out is a film festival and not a convention of Spanish man-whores. Bonus! Anyway the prize couldn’t have gone to a nicer, or more deeply psychologically troubled man than Peter. Well done sir!

Plus I’m in it*. I play an old lady and a bear that’s au fait with the Dewey decimal system. It’s that kind of film. And it gives me my first ever mention on IMDB:


Revealing mistakes: James Harris was not available on two occasions when the bear had to appear in shadow, so other people had to stand in for him – first runner James Boughen, and later Lou Wenzel, who took time off from her role as the demure Eve to savage and, apparently, eat Adam alive. 

It was a grand experience. I do love acting – it’s the one work-type-thing I do that I actually enjoy when I’m in the moment. Well, that and stand-up. I absolutely loathe writing, and directing gives me ball ache but performing makes me very happy indeed. Especially Even when I’m wearing a bra (which actually, now I come to think of it, probably wasn’t necessary. Particularly when I was in the bear suit. Or when I just wrote this blog. I’ll take it off. Later.)

*really briefly, but IT STILL COUNTS dammit.

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