So You Think You’re Funny 2009

Think_Youre_FunnyI got through to the semi-finals of  ‘So You Think You’re Funny?’, ” the most prestigious of all the Edinburgh Festival Fringe stand-up comedy competitions” (they say that, not me). I am quite excited about this, and already a bit nervous.

Past winners include Phil Kay, Rhona Cameron, Lee Mack, Dylan Moran, Tommy Tiernan and Peter Kay. I feel that statistically I would stand more chance of winning if my last name was Kay.

My show takes place at 10.30pm on August 19th at the Gilded Balloon.

So if you’re in Edinburgh on August 19th and would like to see an excited, nervous old man talking about chickens and French bread in a lovely venue, tickets are on sale now:

Line up and tickets.

If you would like to see a drunk and deflated old man talking about missed opportunities and “the man” grinding him down, hang round outside the venue just after midnight. I’ll see you there, and we can laugh at that old man, cos I’m going through to the final, obviously.

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