Chad Stuff on 4Talent

Yes, I spend Saturday nights googling “Chad Banger”. Anyway, just found a thing about Chad Banger and 4mations on the 4Talent website, in which I use the word “democratizing”.

Clicky link: Chad Banger on 4Talent

There’s an interesting quote from Miles Bullough from Aardman about the sort of stuff that they’re looking for:

“We really respond to comedy. We like all kinds of animation, but if something makes us laugh, we’re likely to remember it. We’re looking for people with their own vision, something that isn’t derivative. The intention of the piece has to be clear. And less is definitely more – don’t over-animate.”

There it is: don’t over-animate. Mission accomplished there, I think. See for yourself, when Chad debuts on 4mations, Monday 27th October.

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