New British Talent

Moon Shot UK is being screened at the BFI in London on Friday 14th and Sunday 16th of November, as part of the onedotzero festival:

new british talent 08

bbc film network presents a diverse selection of live action, animation and documentary shorts from the latest bright sparks and upcoming talent from the uk indie filmmaking scene.

curated and introduced by claire spencer cook from bbc film network.

approx 75 mins

tickets £6.00
fri 14 nov 14:40 nft3 book
sun 16 nov 16:00 nft3 book

james harris: moonshot uk / 01:00
johnny kelly: procrastination / 05:00
beth stratford: cheat neutral / 13:00
rob brown: shit happens / 01:00
anastasia kirillova: 50 years and a few puss kittens wiser / 09:00
tom marshall: big boy 74 / 10:00
alex bland: i dreamt of flying / 04:08
kerry mcleod: for all the tea in england / 13:00
stephen irwin: dry lips / 04:08
george wu: accordian / 04:00
jacqueline wright + alice lowe: sticks and balls / 04:00
matthew walker: operator / 02:00

There’s some great films in there, including big boy 74, made by fellow Teesside denizen Tom Marshall. And it’s lovely to be a new talent again, not four years after the last time I was new.

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