Chad is here

The first two episodes of Chad Banger have launched on 4mations:

Episode 1:

Episode 2:

Watch! Be reassured! Comment! Send cash!

Chad Stuff on 4Talent

Yes, I spend Saturday nights googling “Chad Banger”. Anyway, just found a thing about Chad Banger and 4mations on the 4Talent website, in which I use the word “democratizing”.

Clicky link: Chad Banger on 4Talent

There’s an interesting quote from Miles Bullough from Aardman about the sort of stuff that they’re looking for:

“We really respond to comedy. We like all kinds of animation, but if something makes us laugh, we’re likely to remember it. We’re looking for people with their own vision, something that isn’t derivative. The intention of the piece has to be clear. And less is definitely more – don’t over-animate.”

There it is: don’t over-animate. Mission accomplished there, I think. See for yourself, when Chad debuts on 4mations, Monday 27th October.

Chad Slacker

OK, try not to panic, people, but the debut of sure-to-be-internet-sensation Reassurance with Chad Banger has been pushed back a week. Reports that this is due to frantic behind-the-scenes contract negotiations with a certain money-hungry saveloy are unconfirmed at time of going to press.

So Chad debuts on on Monday 13th of October Monday 27th October (just sign the contract, Banger!). Hoorah.

This Duck is Very Excited

Don’t take my word for it…



That duck is excited. No doubt about it. And why? Because the debut of Reassurance with Chad Banger is only, like, a few days away.

The first two episodes will be on 4mations from the 7th October, with episodes 3 and 4 following on October 14th.

I think possibly the duck would be less excited if he realised that he’s only in episode 4 for a couple of seconds, and that something VERY BAD happens to him.

You want to see something bad happen to a duck? Of course you do. Coming soon…


Gus has an interesting bit about the art of Chad Banger over at his bloggins.

Stick a Fork in Him…

Reassurance With Chad Banger
Chad, relaxing by a vortex yesterday

He’s done! Well, subject to approval anyway.

We’ve finished four episodes of Reassurance with Chad Banger for 4mations, and we’re well chuffed with them. Chuff chuff chuff, like a happy train. Gus’s art is gorgeous, and I raised my animation game just ever so slightly. I managed to make people talk and walk. I mean, not at the same time, but still. Awesome.

They should start turning up on the 4mations website before too long. I can’t wait to see what people think of ’em. We’d love to make more.

Our modest hope is that Chadmania sweeps the nation, with t-shirts, mugs and branded lunchable sausages filling the shelves of emporia everywhere. I want to see knock-off plush made-in-China Chads filling fairground claw-machines the length and breadth of the nation.

And that’s probably what will happen. Yeah.