The Prophecies of Nostradamus: Part 1

A short, stupid cartoon about a tall, clever man.

People sometimes ask how I got the “cardboard” effect. Um… it’s cardboard. All filmed live, with just a bit of animation added (the flame, the eyes). The opening involved building a little lego carriage for my camera, and pushing it across a table hoping the extremely flimsy trees wouldn’t flop over this time.

I’m pretty sure that’s how they did the Saruman’s tower bits in Lord of the Rings, too.


In April I made a few cartoons for a new BBC3 comedy cartoon show, FAO3.  They didn’t want this one. Can’t imagine why.

I like polar bears, but I know nothing about them. I like animation, but I know nothing about it. Put those facts together and presto! This is what you get.

(They didn’t like my cartoon about lung cancer either, but y’know what? Think I’ll keep that one to myself…)