Screenwriting Software Tutorial

Utter Buxton brilliance, from MeeBOX, his sketch show which didn’t get a series while Horne and Corden did. Great.

This is so nice. He’s doing a silly voice, but apart from that the script and performance are absolutely SPOT ON and played straight, perfectly mimicking the style and tone of the type of programme feature he’s spoofing. I doff my hat to Buckules on this one. Also I want a copy of the software, cos Final Draft hasn’t got a Drew Barrymore button.

Help the Police

Cos they’ll tickle you until you’re giggly.

Adam Buxton writes and performs a good-natured sketch using a bad-natured song. I love it. I love you, Adam Buxton.

In fact, to tie up the last couple of day’s posts thematically, here’s a clip of Adam Buxton talking disarmingly frankly about his experience with magic mushrooms. His sincerity and honesty turn an already funny story into something sublime. Just the tonic for a sad Tuesday. (The clip also features Bonnie Tyler, her from 2 posts down. I don’t just throw this thing together, you know*.)

Don’t go to university kids, it’s fucking disastrous!

If you don’t listen to the Adam & Joe show on BBC 6 Music of a Saturday morning, you are dead to me.**

* Not true
**You’re not really. I love you just the same.