Help the Police

Cos they’ll tickle you until you’re giggly.

Adam Buxton writes and performs a good-natured sketch using a bad-natured song. I love it. I love you, Adam Buxton.

In fact, to tie up the last couple of day’s posts thematically, here’s a clip of Adam Buxton talking disarmingly frankly about his experience with magic mushrooms. His sincerity and honesty turn an already funny story into something sublime. Just the tonic for a sad Tuesday. (The clip also features Bonnie Tyler, her from 2 posts down. I don’t just throw this thing together, you know*.)

Don’t go to university kids, it’s fucking disastrous!

If you don’t listen to the Adam & Joe show on BBC 6 Music of a Saturday morning, you are dead to me.**

* Not true
**You’re not really. I love you just the same.

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