Edinburgh to get Petted.

Well, we’ve just booked outselves a run at the Edinburgh Fringe 2012.

August 16th-26th, 11.05pm at The Alcove, Bar 50.

It’s going to be messy.

The award-winning* Heavy Petting will make you laugh your socks off (bring spares) with their sketches, jokes and faces. An hour of relentless hilarity – your sides will ache, then split, then catastrophically and irreversibly rupture. You’ll be wishing for a dull moment THAT WILL NEVER COME as you try to stop your kidneys sliding out of the side of you.

Between them Heavy Petting have written or made stuff for BBC2 (Shooting Stars), BBC3 (Comedy Shuffle), Radio 4 (The Wondermentalist Cabaret), Dave (Totally Viral) and Take Hart (a painting of a fish).

Heavy Petting: we smell funny. It’s a start.

*25 Metres Crawl, Best Chutney (Hot) and Blue Peter badge (gold).

See you there!

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