Monkeywood Theatre: Last Orders

S’up. Back in the day, as we middle-class white men like to say, I co-founded a theatre company: Monkeywood. A-aight, etc. We did a production of Closer (later Clive Owen would have a brave stab at playing me in the film, bless him) in a disused Manchester church, then mi Shameless Films compadre Señor Stephen Morris wrote us a dark comedy, Coach G, which we performed at three Manchester venues to some acclaim (“Hip… edgy and watchable… compelling and intriguing new play… well-served by a talented young cast.” – Manchester Evening News).

Then I kicked a strop and flounced out. I used to do that every now and again. Anyway, once I’d gone, Monkeywood started to do very well indeed, winning critical plaudits and BBC grants all over the shop. The bastards.

“Monkeywood is one of the most exciting young theatre companies to come out of Manchester in the last 7 years.” Ian Tabbron, Head of Theatre, Arts Council England North West

See? Bastards!

But I still love them. And now we’re all friends again, and I’m returning to the Monkey fold for a couple of performances of Sarah MacDonald Hughes’ play Last Orders (clicky for more informings). I think I’m playing a funny barman or something. Not sure. But it should be fun, and if you’re in Manchester on the evenings of Wednesday 26th or Thursday 27th of January, why not pop along to… er… a mystery location… er… well it says to meet at the Contact theatre at 6.30 or something. I dunno. See you there!

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