My Life Sofa

I run various schools drama groups, and today I started a new term at one of my regulars to be greeted by 20 kids saying “Miss!” (they call me Miss, I try not to take offence) “Miss, did we see you on telly?”

Yeah, they did. I took the dirty advertising dollar and can currently be seen during “60 Minute Makeover” pimping ScS sofas.

You can see my shame here, if you’d like.

I can’t justify it, but the money was good and much-needed at the time, and I certainly wouldn’t let commercial interests sully my own work. Oh, and hey, those sofas are really comfy.

What more can I say? (Buy an ScS sofa.)

3 thoughts on “My Life Sofa

  1. We all gotta start somewhere…

    I’m sure ScS don’t see you as a pimp and am sure they are very happy with the performance (as an actress, not a pimp, although I’m sure you’re a wonderful pimp too).

    Indeed those sofa’s are very comfy, so I agree, buy an ScS Sofa today!

  2. Hehe, I would like to point out that there is nothing wrong with pimping, nor with sofas in general and especially those made by ScS which are the probably the finest sofas on this or any other planet.

    I’d also like to point out I’m the bloke 🙂

    (Sacha has an ScS email address. Oops.)

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