Funny or…

This man is in hiding after ruining my punchline

This man is in hiding after ruining my punchline

A sketch I wrote, Selling Out, has been filmed as an exclusive for the Funny or Die website.

You can see it here: Selling Out

It’s not too bad, as far as it goes, although it doesn’t so much end as just stop, cos they couldn’t use the punchline I wrote due to music clearance issues.

Basically, Robbie Williams ruined my sketch. How many people can say that? I feel almost privileged.

Apart from lopping off the last 20 seconds, the only other change they made was swapping the word “mint” for the word “sick”, which I assume is what kids these days say when they want to say something’s good. But “sick” is, like “bad”, the opposite of good! I just don’t understand those crazy kids! I’m so out of touch!

Still, all in all the sketch is “terrible” (that means “good”, right kids?).

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