It’s September, and me jolly hollybobs are over. I’m pretty busy over the next few months. I just started rehearsals for a new theatre in education tour. I say new, I did the same show six years ago. We watched a video from the original tour – goodness, that was an odd experience. I’d say I looked young, but I dunno, I think I looked older somehow. I mean, it might have been the grey wig and shawl, but who can say?

Anyway, I feel certain that my long-awaited return to the role of Mr Fable, kindly sweet-shop owner and storyteller, will be the talk of theatreland for months to come. And my Ugly Sister, and Donald the Brummie Dragon? The reviews will be stellar, darling.

It’s a lot of fun so far: it’s a job that I love, and the money will come in very handy, especially if I’m going to be moving next year.

And I’ve got two separate schools drama projects on, plus my Intro to Acting course at the Arc in Stockton. It’s fair to say I’m feeling motivated again. I love my work, which is more than a lot of people can say. It feels like play. I’m thankful for it. And it seems I’m quite good at it, too.

And there’s always the magical extras: the writing, the dumb comedy (joined a Leeds-based sketch group, we’ll see how that goes) and the music. Always the music.

It keeps me sane, man. Hehe. Mostly.

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