Well, I’m back from Edinburgh. My goodness, what a week! I had such a lovely time. Did about 14 gigs, met loads of great people from all over the world, danced til daft o’clock with half of ’em, failed to win* my So You Think You’re Funny heat, and I ate a haggis.

Haggis is quite tasty! For a bit.

My stand-up improved immeasurably while I was there – but I still have so much to learn, and so many more jokes to write. I guess it’s time to start thinking about either stepping up the ambition, working harder, travelling round to do as many gigs as I can, or, alternatively, maybe giving it up entirely.

Or perhaps there’s a grey area in the middle somewhere. I’ve always been happy to plod on at my own pace but I can’t escape the fact that time’s ticking on. How long do you chase a dream, Harris? Particularly when your default speed of pursuit is “slow saunter”. Dreams move fast, man. You think you’ve grabbed one, and, whoosh! It’s off and running over the next hill.

Some dreams are worth chasing, some are not. The trick is working out which is which. That dream I had last night about the car with a hot dog oven in the glove box? Let it go. The dream about one day flying over the rainbow to Emerald City, the mystical realm of magic and music and stripey socks – hell, I’ll follow the Yellow Brick Road for that one. The comedy? We’ll see.

If I only had a brain.

In other news, Moon Shot UK was a runner up in Propeller TV’s Comedy Fest competition, judged by David Nobbs and Toby Foster amongst others, so that’s nice. Comedyfest will air on Propeller TV, Sky Channel 195, on Monday 14th September at 10pm.


*or, to put it more positively, succeeded in losing

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