The Sitcom Trials

The Sitcom Trials is the show where new sitcoms compete, the audience vote for their favourite, and they only see the ending of the winner.

Having been in hibernation since the end of 2005, the show they called “Comedy History” returned in 2007 to win the Fringe Report Award for Best Encourager Of New Talent, thanks in a very great partto new producers Declan Hill & Simon Wright, who will be producing the new 2008 season too.

Interested writers and performers jump on board now, it’s all about to kick off again.


Well I’m interested. It’s like Gladiators but instead of hitting each other with big sticks, contenders go head to head with situations that lead to hilarious consequences.

…although the thought of writers hitting each other with big sticks does have its appeal.

The deadline is August the 15th.

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