Badly Drawn Boys

This is the second animation I ever did, and it bears all the hallmarks of my distinctive style. Wonky drawing, poor lipsynching and CGI dinosaurs. I rather like the way you can see the teeth behind the lips of the characters, but it was a faff so I don’t do that any more.

You’re probably wondering “Why How does he do these cartoons?” – usually it’s just making a bunch of pictures in photoshop, one for each permutation of character mouth shape and blinking, and then slotting them onto a timeline in a film editing program. No actual animation required.

It’s a fast way of doing it, and it means I can get them finished before I start worrying about whether they’re funny or not.

This cartoon was shown on channel Dave’s Totally Viral and been featured at film festivals worldwide. Well, one film festival. In Canada. Which is quite wide, relatively.

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