What ITV Want

(…apart from a good kick in the Kyle.)

 What works for ITV in scripted comedy


“the focus is on broad appeal – something that viewers could grasp if it was summed up in one line, such as the package holidays of Benidorm or the call centres of Mumbai Calling.

…it is essential that the ITV1 audience already recognises a show’s lead, with ITV2 providing more opportunities to break new faces.”

There’s a current trend whereby if you’re pitching an idea, be it sketch show or sitcom, the producers want you to “cast” it. I find this a bit odd – how am I supposed to know who’s available, who would want to do a sitcom, who’s hot, who’s cheap, etc?

Still, my latest sitcom pitch, “My Two Godfathers”, starring Al Pacino, Robert DeNiro and Fearne Cotton, has attracted some interest. Mind, if Fearne Cotton isn’t available the whole thing is fucked.

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