Who Is Chad Banger?

Chad Banger, yesterday

Chad Banger, yesterday



He’s the great British sausage – 3 feet of pig intestine stuffed with TRUTH and REASSURANCE and ground-up pig tits and COMMON SENSE.


He works in a bar. Maybe it’s his profession, maybe it’s his face, but people come to him for comforting words about the worries of the day. Concerned about peak oil? GM foods? The war on terror? Global warming? Bird flu? The latest Indiana Jones film? Chad will allay your fears.


Who wouldn’t trust this plain-talking savoury treat?


Reassurance with Chad Banger by James Harris and Gus Hughes is will be a four episode animated series for Channel 4’s 4mations website.

(Here’s hoping for a rainy August so we can get this finished…)

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