Free Mini-Zine – The 7 Fold Path

Writers’ Block ran a zine workshop the other night. We made around 25 daft little homemade publications, on subjects as diverse as film editing, stegosauri and correct fez deployment. And I made this one. It’s yours to download, print and assemble yourself, should you want to (you totally want to!):


For the extremely intricate and complicated zine-assembly instructions, check this page out (basically, you’ll need scissors and folding skillz). You’ll find templates for making your own there, too.

Mini zines are fun! Look forward to seeing yours soon!

James Harris says…

Oh God. Teesside art, culture and budgerigars zine Making It Look Accidental issue 2 launches tonight and there’s an interview with me in it. Criminy! Way to alienate your key demographic. I really was in a tetchy mood that day.

The rest of the zine, incidentally, is brilliant. Funny, rude, life-affirming stuff. Buy it! Read it! Just remember that when I talk about the human race, I’m probably not referring to you.

Get both issues of Making It Look Accidental here.

I’m James

Illustration hurriedly scrawled for issue 2 of Making It Look Accidental, Middlesbrough’s latest zine, which launches at 7pm on Friday 22nd October at Writers’ Block on Albert Road. I’m interviewed in it. I seem to remember I was in a bit of a grump that day, so if I happened to, say, wish death on the whole of the human race during the course of the interview, and I’m not saying I did, but if I did, I take it back. A lot of you I wouldn’t even want to see maimed.

I’ll be doing a “turn” at the launch, maybe a reading or some jokes, or… dunno what exactly, but maybe see you there? Unless my wish comes true, of course. Apologies in advance if it does.

The Story of Grass – On Sale Now

The Story of Grass is is a new zine by James Harris and Gus Hughes. 28 pages of bits, bobs, hippos, muppets, jokes, pictures, Abraham Lincoln, giant eyeballs, this and that, all sandwiched like ham between card covers.

Issue 2 is out now. Issue 1 never existed.

Here is the thing as seen from space. Words and pictures and the spaces in between, lovingly arranged by Harris and Hughes for your bemusement. Want a copy? 3 squids to you sir, or 4 squids including postage. Get in touch…