I’m currently working on a new cartoon pitch with Gus Hughes, so what better time to take a look at somebody else’s pitching skillz? No better time, that’s what better time.

So here’s John K (of Ren and Stimpy infamy) pitching a new show, George Liquor’s Cartoony Type Variety Show.

 He outlines the idea, includes artwork, sample dialogue,  plot ideas and gags and he does it using a friendly, amusing tone.

He also underlines a Very Important Selling Point:

John K's sexy girls

Don’t forget how good we are at animating sexy girls! Hopefully this would be a ratings grabbing ingredient in the George Liquor Variety Program.

It’s a good template for a pitch I think, and one which I’ll try and emulate:

Don’t forget how good we are at animating people’s heads exploding!

I mean, boobs are all well and good, but c’mon! Heads! Exploding!

I think we’re onto a winner.