Wish You Were Here

My favourite Pink Floyd song. And this performance is just… very emotional. There’s something about four old fellers, guitar, bass, keyboard and drums, ditching the backing singers, percussionists, saxophones and synthesisers, putting aside a lifetime’s worth of animosity*, and just playing the damned song. It was for a good cause, but you know, the music is cause enough sometimes.

It’s a song whose spirit transcends the actual lyrics, I think. I’ve never traded my heroes for ghosts, but it still feels like it’s for me and about me. That’s a kind of musical alchemy.

I was crying when I watched it on the telly in 2005, and… yeah. Wish you were here.

*although I do like to imagine the conversation when Roger decided he wanted to sing a verse: “but Roger, you… you know, you can’t really, uh, it’s maybe more suited to somebody who can, um… sing?” Can’t blame him though.