Do You Realize?

I’m not a singer, but people root for me. They like me to try for that unreachable note and maybe fail in an interesting way.
– Wayne Coyne

Hehe, I know that feeling. See, and that’s why I love this band. And this song… a lot of people find it gloomy (everyone you know some day will die? Oh noes!) but me, I find it so uplifting. What, you didn’t know you were gonna die?* Anyway, the song’s not about dying, it’s about living. About living like you understand your time round these parts is finite. Make those choices, take those chances. Jump!

This is punk rock.

Not punk rock as in Green Day but punk rock as in just do it. And work out what you’re doing afterwards.
-Wayne Coyne

Hehe, I know that feeling.

*Although I haven’t yet decided whether I will or not. I might not fancy it.


Race for the Prize! This version is perhaps a bit more gong-and-theremin heavy than necessary, but it’s still got me dancin. If I had to choose a top song ever, it would be a two way tie between this and Glenn Campbell’s Wichita Lineman. Very different songs but they both hit me like heart-seeking missiles, or, more accurately, like beautiful songs. Wayne Coyne is a hero. He has a great beard and seems restlessly creative. If I could achieve either I would be a happy man.

Anyway. You’ve found my blog. Originally set up to promote my dumb comedy ambitions, it expanded into being a collection of stuff I like, then recently it all went a bit haywire with personal kerfufflery*. From now on it’ll be a mix of all three, although the personal stuff will be less kerfuffley (sorry, kerfuffle-seekers!).

So… hi! I’m updating the blog a lot at the mo, but that’s mostly due to the fact I’m currently waking up at a ridiculous time in the morning and I’ve nothing better to do than sit with coffee and toast and randomly bash the keyboard until recognisable words and sentences appear. You will find some of those sentences below. Enjoy.

*I’m doing ok now, as it goes.