King of the Road

Barry Gifford - King of the Road

Hey, so how’s it going? Long time no, you know, whatever.

I’ve just flung a bunch of little sketchy things up onto Funny or Die. They feature one of my favourite characters, Barry Gifford. Created by Mr Morris and Mr Diamond, Gifford is an ignorant, misanthropic, driving instructor, and tons of fun to play. The first Gifford film, King of the Road, was an eight minute mockumentary, but we had so much fun driving round with Barry that we revisited him a few times, at first continuing the mockumentary stylings, and then later with a more scripted, controlled approach.

This one might be my favourite:

Barry at the car wash.

Don’t know why, really. It doesn’t have a punchline; it rambles on a bit and then just kind of stops, but there’s something in the interaction between the three characters that I really enjoy. I can’t remember how much of this was scripted and how much was improvised, but it all feels naturalistic and real. 
I think basically I like Barry cos he’s a colossal arsehole, and I enjoy being a colossal arsehole from time to time.