Hippy Monday

Because really, sometimes you need 24 hippies in quasi-military outfits singing about being excited and delighted to get your week jumpstarted in style. What are the Spree up to these days?

Bonus: The Polyphonic Spree cover The Psychedelic Furs. Everyone wins!

Eric Wareheim

Eric Wareheim (I think he plays “Tim” in Tim and Eric: Awesome Show, Great Job!) makes pop videos. They’re like the most unsettling nightmares, the kind that keep you on edge for hours after you’ve woken, only set to music (and occasionally Maroon 5).

This one, for punk band Health, is the most overtly horrific thing he’s done so far (apart from making me listen to Maroon 5). It’s horrible and mesmerising. Catchy tune too!

There’s more of this sick filth here, if you’re a fan of feeling a bit wrong.

A Walk Around the Lake

I didn’t manage a walk around a lake today, but I did stand by a frozen duckpond and that seemed to do the trick. Nothing like a bit of water to look at when you’re having a ponder. The ducks were all looking at it and having a think too. They were thinking “well, it looks pretty and sparkly but it’s not much good for bobbing in. I wonder if this man has bread?”. And I was thinking “Jeez, is that all you ducks think about? Bread?” And they’re all like “Jeez, is that all he thinks about? Ducks?”. They got me.

Hope you found a lake or similar clump of water to have a think by, if you needed one. x

Atlas Hands

Wistful. By Benjamin Francis Leftwich. I hope you’re having a lovely Sunday night. x

(The other song I’m loving this week is Fuck You by Cee Lo Green. Is that wrong? It’s the best, most joyful musical “up yours!” I’ve heard since Yes by McAlmont and Butler. Anyway, that’s more of a Saturday tune, innit? So Atlas Hands it is.)

Robot Man

This was the first single from The Aliens, made up of two ex-members of the Beta Band and King Creosote’s brother, and isn’t it amazing? Gloriously meaningless and catchy, it mashes 60’s pop with 70’s funk and I’ve just been robot dancing round the room and looking very cool indeed while I did it. And the video is just a big, happy mess. The Aliens never did anything else this good, but never mind. This’ll do, won’t it?

I am a sketch robot man today – written four, one more to go before bed. It’s all for a super-secret job which I almost certainly won’t get, but if I do… oh man, if I do…

To Binge/Good Song

It’s Especially For You for the twenty-first century. I’ve posted this song before, but this live version is sweet. Little Dragon’s voice is like vulnerable honey (it totally is!), and I also love Damon Albarn’s direct way with a lyric:

I just have to tell you that I love you so much these days

Gorgeous! I’m a simple soul, and I find a line like that, or like:

You seem very beautiful to me

(from Blur’s Good Song), sung to a simple melody, far more affecting, romantic and swoonsome than, like, a bucket full of poetry. Maybe I just don’t like poetry*. I dunno.

I didn’t know David Shrigley did a video for Good Song. Not sure the leaf blower and the humping dogs do much for the tune, but here it is anyway.

God, why don’t I just marry Damon Albarn?

*I really, really don’t. I despise and fear it. Poetry freaks me out, particularly when the poet is poeming right in your face. How are you supposed to respond? Because apparently shouting FUCK OFF AWAY WITH YOUR SHITEHOUSE WHINGING BABBLE is not acceptable.