Sacred Animals

Awful video. Terrible sound quality. Sublime song.

More Sacred Animals, including the downloadable 4-track EP Welcome Home here. So bloody good!


Heaven Can Wait

There’s certainly a lot to look at in this video, isn’t there? Although maybe the most disconcerting part is realising that Beck’s head is starting to resemble a gingery lightbulb. It’s directed by Keith Schofield, and you can see more of his work on his website here: I’d say his stuff has a glossy oddness to it. It’s healthy, clean-cut and safe California-style surrealism, but very pretty for all that.

His site also contains treatments for the videos, which are fascinating. For this one, he says:

Each scene will have a clear purpose. It’s just that no scene will connect to any other one. They won’t connect to anything. And I want nearly every shot to be a “WOW!” moment – a big set piece that any other video would spend 3 minutes on.

Which I’d say is pretty much what he delivers.

Shark Ridden Waters

Sharks frighten me, with their grumpy faces and cold, dead eyes, like David Mitchell’s eyes, but this song is not about grumpy sharks, it’s about splitting up with a French girl. The French frighten me, with their grumpy faces etc etc…

What a gorgeous song! Blissed-out pop with lush harmonies and a dude with a beard playing a plinky-plonky solo on a toy phone. Nice work, bearded dude. From the bearded dude’s forthcoming solo album Hotel Shampoo.

Hippy Monday

Because really, sometimes you need 24 hippies in quasi-military outfits singing about being excited and delighted to get your week jumpstarted in style. What are the Spree up to these days?

Bonus: The Polyphonic Spree cover The Psychedelic Furs. Everyone wins!

Eric Wareheim

Eric Wareheim (I think he plays “Tim” in Tim and Eric: Awesome Show, Great Job!) makes pop videos. They’re like the most unsettling nightmares, the kind that keep you on edge for hours after you’ve woken, only set to music (and occasionally Maroon 5).

This one, for punk band Health, is the most overtly horrific thing he’s done so far (apart from making me listen to Maroon 5). It’s horrible and mesmerising. Catchy tune too!

There’s more of this sick filth here, if you’re a fan of feeling a bit wrong.

A Walk Around the Lake

I didn’t manage a walk around a lake today, but I did stand by a frozen duckpond and that seemed to do the trick. Nothing like a bit of water to look at when you’re having a ponder. The ducks were all looking at it and having a think too. They were thinking “well, it looks pretty and sparkly but it’s not much good for bobbing in. I wonder if this man has bread?”. And I was thinking “Jeez, is that all you ducks think about? Bread?” And they’re all like “Jeez, is that all he thinks about? Ducks?”. They got me.

Hope you found a lake or similar clump of water to have a think by, if you needed one. x