To Binge/Good Song

It’s Especially For You for the twenty-first century. I’ve posted this song before, but this live version is sweet. Little Dragon’s voice is like vulnerable honey (it totally is!), and I also love Damon Albarn’s direct way with a lyric:

I just have to tell you that I love you so much these days

Gorgeous! I’m a simple soul, and I find a line like that, or like:

You seem very beautiful to me

(from Blur’s Good Song), sung to a simple melody, far more affecting, romantic and swoonsome than, like, a bucket full of poetry. Maybe I just don’t like poetry*. I dunno.

I didn’t know David Shrigley did a video for Good Song. Not sure the leaf blower and the humping dogs do much for the tune, but here it is anyway.

God, why don’t I just marry Damon Albarn?

*I really, really don’t. I despise and fear it. Poetry freaks me out, particularly when the poet is poeming right in your face. How are you supposed to respond? Because apparently shouting FUCK OFF AWAY WITH YOUR SHITEHOUSE WHINGING BABBLE is not acceptable.

2 thoughts on “To Binge/Good Song

  1. Hmmm, I spy a continuity error sir…you *say* you don’t like poetry but a little bit further down the page you’re reading poetry…..what gives! I think I have the solution – you need to eat some food……do it….do it now! Stop reading and go buy some food. Or come round and see Baby Bell and Wawa will cook some food for you 🙂

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