Too Many Cooks

Remember this sitcom from the eighties?

Too Many Cooks aired in the 3am informercials spot on Adult Swim and is a relentlessly trippy example of running a joke into the ground, picking it up, dusting it off and then running it back into the ground. Then hitting it with a machete. Love it.

2 thoughts on “Too Many Cooks

  1. Fantastic. In a former life I used to be obsessed with sitcoms, and watch every single one that was on telly, no matter when it was broadcast. It didn’t even matter if they were funny or not. There was definitely a trend in US sitcoms to constantly retool things if they weren’t getting enough ratings and throw in extra characters, or suddenly one the characters now owns a restaurant etc.

  2. Or if one them them DIDN’T have a machete in the face… I remember some truly weird ones from the eighties. Mr Smith, about an orang utan who was also a college professor, or Big John Little John which was… I don’t know…

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