Wonder Showzen

Wonder Showzen is Sesame Street as beamed from a bad planet. It’s amazingly inventive, offensive and funny. You’ll love it, trust me.

I am currently writing jokes for The Story of Grass. Hughes is en fuego, and I’m struggling to keep up. So far responding to his art has led me into making jokes about Lana Turner, weasels, John F. Kennedy, Twitter, Michael Bay, soup and Graham The Three-Headed God of Accessorising, Thunder and Good Hygiene. And there are still a few pages left to fill. What will tomorrow bring?

Oh, the Peg Powler words exhibition launch went good. There’s some brilliant art on display (and one playfully offensive piece by Stuart Faulkner which isn’t on display but which AJ might show you if you ask him nicely. Faulkner’s other stuff is kitsch and funny – his painting of Noah’s Ark was a highlight for me). Get down to it! Here are the Peg Powlers obscuring the U and W of my meisterwerk, The A-Z of Writing.

Thank you, the Peg Powlers, for framing my stuff!

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