Watching The Grass Grow

The Story of Grass #4 will be launched at Peg Powler Gallery on Tuesday 8th February, 6pm as we also launch our new Harris + Hughes exhibition at the same venue. Hughes is busy drawing octopises and volcanoes and I have done some jokes about sharks and Kiera Knightley so now we only have around six pages left to fill. Expect filler!

I put together the prototype cover this afternoon. Gus says: “this is a very realistic depiction indeed. one poor man lacking the strength to even stand up and the other has a sore hand from drawing. just like real life”.

The Story of Grass. Just like real life. Before I go, let’s remind ourselves of what the lovely Bob Mortimer says about it:

‘I liked The Story of Grass. I laughed until I stopped then started up again more firmly.’ – Bob Mortimer

28 pages, with all twenty-six letters of the alphabet, all seven of the colours in the rainbow and three very bad words represented, you’d be very foolish indeed not to buy three or so copies.

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