The Jump

This film was made for Flip For The Boro, a Writers’ Block event in which five teams comprising a director, two actors, a composer and two Writers’ Block members were given a Teesside location and had to make a film in four hours. This is what my team made.

We came up with the idea in double-quick time, worked out what scenes we’d need and then got filming. It was a total team effort – everybody threw ideas into the mix, and we all had a go at filming bits. All the dialogue is improvised, which is why it’s possibly a little overlong, and the plot stretches credibility a tad but on the whole I think it’s pretty good for four hours work, and there’s talk of redoing it properly.

Bill Fellows, Tees actor extraordinaire (him off Downton Abbey and the voice of Frank’s Factory Flooring) plays a blinder, as does Jennifer Nelson, and I play a git of a director. Again. Hmmm.

Oli Heffernan, him who is Detective Instinct, came up with five brilliant tunes on the day, but sadly the nature of the film meant we could only use a couple of snippets, which is a shame cos I love his stuff. He’s worked with Mike Watt, man!

Anyway. What do you think?

3 thoughts on “The Jump

  1. LMFAO!! Jump and tuck!!!(bravo on the flexibility there) Bingo caller!!?…and your character’s smooth-talking, bull-shitting manner!! My face hurts, James. Oh how my face hurts.

    Flips are the best. Not in the quality sense, of course, but I absolutely love how convenient it is.

    • @James: Indeed. I’ve been meaning to check out Drag Queen Bingo that’s about 30 miles (not sure what that is in kilometers)from where I live.

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