Big Brother House of Horror

I don’t think I’ve mentioned Writers’ Block here yet, which is odd cos it’s pretty much taken over my life recently. It’s a project for Tees Valley writers, we run workshops, events, competitions and try and get peoples’ work off the page and into performance or film or zine or whatnot. It’s why I am never home, ever. Good job it’s fun…

Anyway, this was a competition prize: get your script made into a puppet film. We had no idea what the puppets would be like when we asked local student Russel Watson to make us some horror characters for Ian Todd’s script, so I was absolutely blown away when he arrived carrying… these. Amazing.

We filmed it very quickly indeed, in the hottest room in the world. I think it has a manic energy, and I enjoyed talking to myself playing Freddie and Jason.

I made the special guest housemate, too. Took ages.

More info on Writers’ Block here:

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