I Won a Thing!

OMG. This dumb cartoon just won me an all expenses-paid trip to London on Tuesday to sit in a room which will have food, booze and Terry Gilliam in it! I will be allowed to put the food and booze into my mouth. OMFG. OMFFG. There aren’t enough F’s in the world, frankly.

Criminy. I have to find a tux from somewhere.

Link: 30 sec film comp winner announced.*

And thank you SO MUCH, NFM!

*The cartoon is thirty-eight seconds long. Is that ironic?

4 thoughts on “I Won a Thing!

    • Thank you sir! This sadly means I can’t be at Grass day 2 which I am sad about. Will it be open any time before Tuesday for a faff or should I wait til Grass day 3?

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