Why Aren’t You Blogging, Harris?

Er… because I went to the future? Just spent two days in Bristol, acting in a short film written by Stephen Scott-Heyward (Gash, Le Cheval 2.1), directed by Oliver Purches and starring Jessica-Jane Clement. It’s called Pleasure Droid 3000, which is already causing some confusion as to what kind of film it is exactly, but it’s a short sci-fi comedy and it should be really nice, like a cross between Buck Rogers and the parrot sketch. Everyone else looked all space-age and beautiful, and I looked like… well, like you can see in the photo. Decrepit. But I had loads of fun, I met some lovely people and I got to deliver a Jack Bauer style neck-snapping on a malfunctioning robot, which made me very happy indeed.

The only direction I ever got given was “Palin. Think Palin. That’s great, but could you do it again only this time a little more… Paliny?”. How Palinesque is my performance? We’ll see. I never wanted to be an actor you know…

That title, though. It’s going to look great on my cv.

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