2010 Goes Mental

Sweet Jesus it’s been a heck of a year so far. My head is a little spinny because I don’t feel like I’ve had the chance to sit down recently, and when my bum doesn’t get parked occasionally the top of my head goes wibble.

It’s all making me a bit giggly. At the risk of jinxing everything, so far this year:

Me and Ms Laura Degnan may have got a job as documentary filmmakers with a new art gallery. We are supposed to make around 100 short films for them this year. Tee hee.

This week I had an audition for a TV company which wants to make comedy stuff. I am apparently now “on their radar” as an actor for either working on existing scripts or developing new ones for me to be in. Tee heeeee!

Me and Mr Gus Hughes will be exhibiting an art show at a gallery in a couple of months. What?

Work continues on the Uninvisibles sketch show, due in Edinburgh in August. Hoo-wah!

And I bought some new jeans and a jumper the other week which are quite nice. Tee hee!

I am genuinely a bit befuddled by life at the moment, but in a good way. Which makes a nice change. And even if it all comes crashing down tomorrow, I’m having a really fun and interesting time so far this year.


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