Fact File #10: Light

There is a light that never goes out: it is the little red one on my PlayStation 2. I really should unplug it when I’ve finished playing Bishi Bashi Challenge.

Light is both a wave and a particle. Dandruff is actually little particles of sunshine that have got stuck in your hair. That’s what I tell myself, anyway.

A smile can light up your face. So can lighter fluid and a match, but a smile is more environmentally friendly.

Have you ever wondered why different materials have different colours? Me too, but looking into it, it’s quite complicated and really, life’s too short. Just look at the colours. They are pretty.

Light can be dangerous: UV rays cause cancer, laser weapons are deadly and accurate and can be fired from space, and having a lighthouse dropped on you will frequently prove fatal. Lighthouses are often heavier than normal houses, ironically.

If we could somehow harness the energy my Mum expends on moaning about energy-saving lightbulbs we could light up Middlesbrough town centre for a week. We’d just need a righteous-indignation-to-AC converter.

More facts next time, fact fans!

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