Friday’s Short Story

“It’s one small step… What the..!?”

Yes! It’s six word sci-fi story time again. I haven’t written any short stories in a while, so I’m easing myself back in. Here’s a few more:

George Lucas. Time machine. History “improved”.

In parallel universe, this story better.

Repressed gay aliens enjoy closet encounters.

Aliens send Neil Armstrong parking ticket.

Danger signs: Skynet app for iPhone.

Monster in his pants – no metaphor.

Maverick mad scientist breaks all the rules.

Her perfume is my time machine.

(inspired by – oh, all right, nicked from – Wired Magazine.)

Inspired to write your own? I’d love to read ’em! Pop em in the comments…

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23 thoughts on “Friday’s Short Story

  1. Set phasers to stun…missed aaaarrgghh!

    Looking across the crater, he smiled.

    See Gort run, look at Gort.

    “Atmospheric conditions prevented re-entry!” cried Jenkins.

    Lol, this is really good fun!
    (that wasn’t an entry…although…)

  2. Here’s a few 6 word misery memoirs

    Replaced by ‘smiling child’ iphone app.
    This close to drowning in piss.
    My dad’s a pack of wolves
    But mummy, children don’t eat hay.

  3. Robot wakes, dreams of sheep, dies
    (Bladerunner in a nutshell!)
    Brainchips revolt, finally destroyed by vinegar

    It’s the best I could do, sorry……

  4. A quick effort on the 6 word misery memoirs…

    Friday nights in Accident and Emergency.

    I should’ve taken the blue pill…

    Tower block, broken lift, five kids.

    Then my pimp stole my giro.

    Children! Help daddy bury this prostitute.

    Sweet relief from the humdrum of the daily grind. (insert Finbar Saunders reference here)

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